The results of the study The Contribution of Universities to the Latvian Economy

The study revealed significant facts about the development of higher education and the Latvian higher education development trends are compared to the higher education systems of the world and the European countries and the operation of the universities.

The study provides an in-depth review of such topics as higher education export, demand and supply forecasting of specialists with higher education within the labor market, regulatory legal framework of university, the economic impact of regional universities etc.

The main conclusions of the study

  • the number of graduates must be increased, thus improving the national economic and social returns. Aim – higher education for all;

  • a higher education funding model based on effective indicators must be developed, keeping the funding of priority fields as the basis;

  • the partnership between the university and business environment must be significantly expanded.  This promotes more effective integration of universities in the economic development process by creating closer association with the existing labor market demand;

  • the work on increasing the quality of university higher education must be continued by developing collaboration with social partners and taking into consideration the economic interests.